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Moi University Libraries Operations During Covid-19 Pandemic

The current global pandemic and the directive to close all Universities has prompted us to make a number of changes to ensure:

1) we support the health and well-being of all University students, faculty and staff; and

2) we continue to fulfill our mission of supporting student success, research and access to Library resources for the University community and researchers worldwide. 

This library web page will continue to be the central portal to conduct research and access our resources: databases, e-books, digital archives, etc. 

We understand that some students may require access to the library either to return books, sort out clearance or consult on theses binding (for those who have defended their thesis and wish to graduate). We will have limited staff available in all campus libraries to partially open some operations, but the Margaret Thatcher Library will open for bindery and reference assistance. The library is yet to get guidance on how to handle print resources for it may be a source of virus transmission due to many hands handling the same.

We request that visitors to the Margaret Thatcher Library continue best practices suggested by the Ministry of Health: maintain social distancing, wash your hands frequently, and take necessary steps to prevent spreading the virus, even if you have no symptoms. Most importantly, stay at home if you are symptomatic or have other reasons to believe you may be contagious.  Please as much as possible we recommend that we avoid face-to-face consultation and use other channels of communication.

We appreciate your patience during this time. 

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